“MOM!” “WHAT?!” “CAN YOU COME HERE AND LOOK UP MY SHIRT FOR A SECOND?!” … So, I realise I write about a lot of depressing stuff! Domestic abuse, broken hearts, just life sucking, in general (well, I like to think I romanticise it a little bit), how nothing ends up in happiness- you get the […]


Soldier, soldier standing there Play the game, it’s only fair The fire’s out, time for the hurricane Don’t fear the known, it calls your name. Draw your chair, seat yourself down The storm will pass, you need to stand your ground. Ten moves, come what may If you begin, you can’t leave halfway. Nine moves, […]

Glass Animals

There are moments- certain moments in your life- when you are sitting, doing something extremely ordinary- when your brain just hits you with this overwhelming rush of flashbacks. Sometimes it feels like you have no emotions, doesn’t it? It’s all numb– you go about doing all these things- friendships, telling people you love them, helping […]


Do you remember when the moon fell from the sky? It lit up before it died, bleeding darkness into waters across cities. Strangers stepped onto streets, flipping dimes off fingers, pulling down fedoras over glinting eyes, Hunting for couples cornered and scattered across alleyways. The nights became forests of crime. Their breaths would mingle with […]

Paper planes

Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream The door opens with a soft click. The footsteps are brisk- quick and definite- and they stop right before him. He’s been sitting on the clean tiled floor of the kitchen, fingers deftly running across the crease […]

Dear Heart

Courage, Dear Heart, You were meant to fly Across constellations and stellar formations of satellites that orbit the sun and a million other lives, You are one of uncountable heartbeats that make alive every human being, You are one of infinite eccentricities that make creativity possible- -Dear Heart, you are shades of wonderful Colors blush […]


Your energy is a spark. It burns inside you, searing skin to ashes and plasma to dust, Blackening parts of carbon inside you didn’t know you didn’t need til they were thrown away. It sends vibrations coursing through your veins, where blood strings along rhythmic frets to seep through you and put a song inside […]